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EasyNewspapers is an easy to use database for newspapers, online newspapers, national newspaper and local newspapers worldwide. Do not be led astray by reading one newspaper, instead at the click of a button you can now make your own informed opinions by accessing a variety of newspapers, each with their own unique point-of-view. Staying in touch with the world and its events has never been easier with our simple categories. Starting with one of nine regions, you can then scroll through each of its country's newspapers and navigate yourself through any city you desire. You can choose between Europe, USA, the Americas, Asia, Africa, Oceania, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. Or use our home page to navigate through the most popular news sources throughout the world. Why read about things that are happening on the other side of the world from your local newspaper when you can read about them from the local newspaper where they are actually happening? Study the local politics in Sydney from Chicago, or follow local Brazil football matches from London, or read about the street festival in Barcelona from Tokyo. No matter where you are, with EasyNewspapers you can be up to date on anything anywhere! Why spend tons of money, waste paper and clutter your house with newspapers delivered to your home when you can have them all with a few easy clicks! Find your favorite medium whether it is newspapers, magazines, journals, online newspapers, television or radio. With almost twenty thousand newspapers, EasyNewspapers is your first stop for news across the world.