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This gorgeous continent is home to some of the most interesting people around the world and they produce a ton of news. Follow the current predictions and updates about their extreme weather conditions and find out what communities have done to prosper, in spite of raging forest fires and floods. As well, learn about the rich cultures that are native to this land. EasyNewspapers have news sources from Australia, Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia. New South Wales alone has a hundred and thirty seven news sources, including the Sydney Star Observer, The Daily Liberal and The Star. Travelers can use this section to find the best areas to visit, local events, the best surfing and even local advertisements for restaurants. Our selection of Australian newspapers has something for everyone; for business check out the International Business Times, for education look at the Campus Review and even for horse racing you can use the Practical Punting Daily. EasyNewspapers is home to all of your Australian news needs!
Country Total Media Newspapers Online news Magazines
Capital Territory5300
New South Wales13711860
Northern Territory5200
South Australia292300
Western Australia342420