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The United Kingdom is home to centuries of history and is filled with people who helped craft the English language. EasyNewspapers features over five hundred news sources from the UK including Alderney, England, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. With almost three hundred and fifty newspapers from England itself, this section has all of the news you could hope for in Britain including numerous local papers from Sussex, Yorkshire, Liverpool, Birmingham, among many others. Some of the most notable writers and journalists have emerged from the UK and their papers keep up with their tradition of excellence. Some of the most popular newspapers from this region include the BBC, The Guardian and The Sun. Along with the other countries and regions, most of Scotland is explored in their wide selection of newspapers. Discover exciting concerts and sports matches that these nations are in great supply of or read about the royal family and the British parliament. No matter what news you are looking for in the United Kingdom, you will find it here!
Country Total Media Newspapers Online news Magazines
United Kingdom552788
International Press6841155
Isle of Man5300
Northern Ireland413702