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Gert Schout Gert Schout | Linkedin of Gert Schout Website of Gert Schout
Professor (Lector) Public Mental Health Care at Hanzehogeschool

Newspaper Addiction

Many bad traits can be attributed to me. I am working on a part of it, other bad habits I try to mask. Still others I have taken for granted and I perpetrate them freely. My loved ones have learned to live with it, some are pulled out. One of the bad features is a continuing and persistent addiction to newspapers. In the morning I can hardly stay in bed because the newspaper in the mailbox possible brings news I missed in the evening paper.

The number of hours that I read in newspapers is far too high. Not only my wife wants now and then to do something fun with me, I myself would like to read less editorials sometimes. Moreover, there is no reasonable explanation for those useless urge to keep abreast of politics, culture and society by reading newspapers. In recent years a whole new source of waste of time is added: Easynewspapers. A portal to all imaginable newspapers in the world. Not only Le Figaro, the Observer, the Herald Tribune, the Guardian are a click away, but numerous mysterious newspapers from Iran, Peru and Ukraine as well. And with Google Translate any written language becomes accessible. Submitted letters from Bulgarians, Greeks, Colombians, Filipino's, it's all within the grasp. Easynewspapers is a godsend, a trap, a plague and candy store. One thing it has not: the irresistible smell of ink, with the smell of coffee a scent that guides my addiction.
Sharif Sayed Sharif Sayed | Linkedin of Sharif Sayed Website of Sharif Sayed
Company Owner at Direct Result Marketing
Independent Marketing and Advertising Professional

Micro details and political movements

In today's globalizing economy, business owners and key stakeholders should not only be aware of things happening in their own countries, but should definitely keep an eye on events in other countries that influence their businesses. As an owner of a Dutch direct marketing company, I aim to do just that. International developments in my field are very important, and helps me discover them. The problem with international big papers and television channels like CNN and BBC is that they just portray major headlines. In my field of business, I would like to know micro details of neighboring country's economies and political movements. Knowledge of these developments positively influences my competitve advantage and helps me analyze foreign markets more accurately. These developments can mostly only be found when reading and analyzing local news. Easynewspapers helps me find the local newspapers of almost every country in a very user-friendly way and therefore I would mostly recommend it!